Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Six very long movies in four minutes

If you like movies, but don't have much time to watch them, the folks at the University of York Filmmaking Society have an answer for you.

They've recently created a one-minute, one-take version of the two-hour, 22-minute movie "Forrest Gump"

(You can watch this faster than you can read an article about KINGSTON POINT BEACH BEING CLOSED!)

Most impressive, in my view, is "Kill Bill" - parts I and II - also in one take and in one minute. The original versions were 107 minutes and 137 minutes. That's four hours and four minutes condensed into one minute.

(That's less time needed to read a article about KINGSTON POINT BEACH REMAINING OPEN!)

One of the filmmakers, Will Tribble, said in his blog that they are planning to do one more. They're considering "Watchmen" (2 hours, 41 minutes), the "Back to the Future" trilogy (5 hours, 41 minutes), and "Star Wars" (all six are 13 hours, 12 minutes).

My hopes are in "Star Wars."

A mega-trilogy that comes to mind - at 9-hours, 4 minutes (short versions) - is "Lord of the Rings." With apologies to Tolkien fans, the films were re-imagined by the creative animators at How It Should Have Ended. Here's the whole thing, this time in two minutes.

Hey, at least I didn't waste much of your time.