Friday, March 20, 2015

Lingering ghosts of unanswered questions

The Doll House on Route 28 in the town Kingston. 
The Doll House is a place located where the Hudson Valley is about to meet the Catskills, on Route 28, just outside the city of Kingston.
When seen, and it's impossible not to see it, it fills one with questions about its purpose and history. We did a story about it a while ago trying to get to the bottom of that. Abandoned Hudson Valley also went inside a year ago.
It's still there, worn and sitting still, without a reason to be, a landmark of a peculiar time, in a corner of long-forgotten memories, and perhaps one or two broken dreams.

Or perhaps not. That's what happens when you see things and don't know what to do about them.

Let's see some of those things:

I didn't see the eclipse, so here it is.

Remember that whole 'send glitter to your enemies' thing? You can now send a bag of gummy penises, because we're all 12 years old.
Which reminds me: Nick Bilton, go to your room.

Somebody brought a lamb to a restaurant, because Brooklyn.
Somebody at CNN did an election version of 'Too Many Cooks' and of course it gets weird, but not weird in a Fresh Prince calls C-SPAN way. It gets weird in a, well, "Too Many Cooks" kind of way:

This is CNN, indeed.
This is "Too Many Cooks." 
This is "Elders reacting to 'Too Many Cooks.'"

Did I mention that we're all 12 years old? 

The Four:

This is a cat:

This is Yesterday's Internet, Today! This sentence structure is annoying.