Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Suspended in the middle

Is there a balance between positive and negative things, or is it a matter of perception? Is it better to be exposed to terrible things, if they're seen through a positive lens? But can even that be too much? And aren't some things simply irredeemable?
It's up to us, really, to find that right balance. Let's hang in there for a moment.

The Catskills are 'the new Montauk'
Can comment sections contain rational comments?

Sadface stuff:
As feared, the news app Circa is no more. It's rough out there, for old and new ventures alike.  Advice for everyone from those who've been there.

Today's video that trending because pageviews: Bad-ass Bunny Mom

Today was #dfmchat day and we talked about experimentation. We mixed and matched and giffed and had a merry time. There's no sadface when you get to play.
In the meantime:
The Four:
* Remember the Catskill Game Farm? Here's what's up with the site.
* This makes me hungry.
* The Saugerties Post Star is no more. 
* The Hudson River has its own day. 

One cat:

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