Monday, October 19, 2015

Stupid, explained

Kingston is a place where new meets old and not so old and not so new, and you can still see the mixing of flavors taking place. Sometimes it's messy, but it's delicious.


Social media killed the paparazzi star then chickens killed the social media star then stupid, explained.


The people who brought you Kingston as the drunkest city in New York used their "science" and "data" to give you the "Most Ghetto Places" in New York because clicks. Congratulations, Monticello, Middletown, Newburgh, Troy and company, for landing on a listicle.

To sleep no more, alone, in New York City. 


One video: Take it off, drone.
A video posted by Sloane Barbour (@nycsloane) on

The Four:

* From the ashes, rebirth, and goats.
* From the O+ Festival, time-lapse.
* From the polls, the dog people outnumbering cat people.
* From the government: Register your drones.

One cat:

Yesterday's Internet, Today! is not a friend to politicians.