Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Then and now, a center

I went through the old library earlier today, looking for some old images and testing some new technologies.

 I was able to live-stream video in 360° to Periscope while moving around and was also able to do a static live-stream for more than 30 minutes without the need for a battery. These are developing technologies that can be useful during a potential breaking news situation, and I want us to be ready for when that happens.

Nothing exciting, other than the ability to do it (and getting tangled in my own cables).


After that successful experiment, I was also able to find a collection of quintessential anti-war protests from way back when, containing local demonstrations about Vietnam, the draft and the Contra affair.

One particular image's location was instantaneously recognizable for me (and I imagine for many others).

So I went ahead and did a slide in case you couldn't place it. 

The New York Times' "OMG DADS HAVE TO DAD WHEN MOMS ARE NOT AROUND" has been panned by everyone, including the New York Times and even the guy who wrote it. It probably didn't help that the original headline started with, “How Vital Are Women?"

Mark Twain wrote what will soon be a new book.

It appears the new White House press secretary's nemesis is not the media, but Dippin' Dots.


One video: Mark Hamill reacts to new 'Star Wars' title is a thing (from the Associated Press, no less) so there you go. And since you don't click on these things, it's 'The Last Jedi.'

The Four:
* The Women's March was a local thing as well.
* There's a diner in Phoenicia and a recipe with the story.
* Whose house? Alms House.
* $50K to find out if you can swim at Woodstock park again.
One cat:

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