Monday, July 27, 2015

Not set in stone

I've had Google Glass for more than two years now, and it's starting to get old, in that the device is no longer being supported by developers and Google has moved on.
This is a very strange realization, because it means that the quasi-augmented reality computer face device is now obsolete. Welcome to the future. 

Remember these memes?
Ladies! Are you cold at work?
Is this (really) a (New York Times) selfie (article)?
Are these dogs hugging?

The Four: 
* It's Fried Oreos time.
* Nice man donates money for repair, so of course this ended in politicians blaming people because the work is not done. Good jorb everyone good jorb.
* Today in scams. 
* Here's to Garth.


Today's video that's trending because pageviews: Cop vs. Owl

One cat: vs. owl

Yesterday's Internet, Today!  ts a thing, but now an owl. Owls are weird.