Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A hot take on the heat

I started biking to work a while back.
It's been generally OK when I start in the morning and go home late in the afternoon. But nowadays I have some funky hours on some choice days, and biking to work in the middle of the afternoon makes for some sweaty situations, no matter how easy you take it. Anyway, I think I'm in better shape, so I'm eating a ton of ice cream to compensate.
I take this over winter any time. 


 Hot take:
The Delaware County Fair is not banning the sale of the Confederate Flag. “It's just part of history.” Correct. Racist history. 

The Four: 
*  Seriously, it's hot out there. 
* Look at this hot Kingston promenade that doesn't exist.
* The mayor wants the primary debate to be earlier.  Hint Hint: Debate here. We'll live-stream it as we have in the past.
* In the Catskills mountains, voices get their own festival. 


Today's video that's trending because pageviews: Daughter Get The Hairstyles Their Moms Want For Them:

Cruel, cruel Buzzfeed.
One hot cat:

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