Thursday, July 23, 2015

Everything is linked

Broadway in Kingston, with a funky sky. Note that the Burning of Kingston trail also is snow emergency route.
Why, newspapers, why?

Thankfully for all of us, Yesterday's Internet, Today! is a newspaper feature that's not in the newspaper (but in a free newsletter form!) that includes many, many links, because Internets. Note how the previous sentence could have included, many, many links, but it didn't, because irony.

Personal news: Today I did sports duty and it was like this. I've also been moderating the comments on the website this week, and commenters noticed. 

The Four: 
* "Democratic principles." That's for big-D Democrats, though, so that's just a party fight, because Democrats.
*  Solar group needs more sunny faces.
* There are 86 comments, and counting, on this 144-word letter. It's about the rail-trail thing, obviously.
*   This story could have used this map to make a lot more sense. If only I knew someone who worked at the paper...


Today's video that's trending because pageviews: 

You be you, Japan. You be you. 
One cat: Hurricane.

Yesterday's Internet, Today! doesn't let friends watch Sharknado.