Thursday, May 7, 2015

The trail of the rail story

A Catskill Mountain Railroad car in Midtown Kingston.
The long debate over the future (or lack of it) of the Catskill Mountain Railroad has been raging in the pages and comments of the Freeman and the community at large for longer than I care to remember. Emotions are very high, and if recreational trails or rails is THE issue for people in the Mid-Hudson Valley and the Catskills, I'd venture to say we generally have a pretty neat life in the area.
So let's be nice. Catskill Mountain Railroad Commenters™ might notice the comments on this blog are unmoderated and that I've been calling them "Catskill Mountain Railroad Commenters™" for months. Feel free to go to town here and give Tony a break.


Today in self improvement:
Your pretty nails are terrible and evil.
And you're covered in poo bacteria.