Friday, May 8, 2015

Love in Upstate Jesus

John Street in Uptown Kingston.
The petals of many short-lived flowers around Kingston are beginning to decay, but that means that warmer weather and nicer times are also coming — and that beautiful moments are brief.
Enjoy them while you have them.

While I momentarily have your attention:

'Why I left New York' has reached peak Awl. Note that the tagline reads, "IF YOU'RE GOING TO LEAVE YOU MIGHT AS WELL GO SOMEWHERE BETTER THAN UPSTATE JESUS."

Meanwhile, in Upstate Jesus, we have tulips.

Facebook-led study finds Facebook is not that polarizing unless study actually means Facebook is polarizing and I saw this on Facebook lol good jorb Facebook good jorb.
Star Wars Style is a thing.
This blue-eyed doctor who survived Ebola now has green eyes. Jesus.
The FAA doesn't want trained professionals to use drones. *Cue drone-falling-on-people sound*
Dragon Ball's Vegeta will always love you:

The Four.
* The fire is dead. ~Long live the fire~
* Jorbs.
* Don't fall.
* Don't breath. 

One cat: With love?

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