Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The fire in you

Firemen's Park on Hurley and Washington avenues in Uptown Kingston on Monday. 
The world is on fire, but not because we're a terrible bunch, but because of our burning untapped potential.
There are signs of this all around. And you know you have it. What are you doing with it?
Also, we're a terrible bunch.
Not terrible:

This magazine printed by using HIV-positive blood to make a point that you'll immediately understand.
Ryan Gosling finally ate his cereal and it's bittersweet.
This woman tried to find aWKWARD!
Journalists should be activists when it comes to freedom of the press. 

The Four:
* Fire.
* Catskill Mountain Railroad Commenters on fire (of course).
* Dog in water.
* Children near water. 


One cat:

Yesterday's Internet, Today! doesn't go near cacti, but it might reach its potential if you subscribe.

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