Monday, May 4, 2015

May The Fourth Brands Gonna Brand

The Cinco de Mayo festival takes over Broadway Kingston on Saturday.
We enter May and that means that things are happening and that this horrible meme is resting for another year.
It may come as no surprise that the Cinco de Mayo celebrations in the city already happened. As did the New Paltz Regatta on Sunday.
Blink and you miss things. But there are plenty of things to do, still. Let's do them.

Today is May the Fourth so start with this Vanity Fair article, because when you think Star Wars, you think Annie Liebovitz, a person who's famous, as you might know, for not being able to pay her taxes in Rhinebeck. Or taking photos. One of those.

This is the Internet, pretty much. And don't forget the brands, because #brands:

Today in Albany Politicians Getting Arrested.
Today in Baby.
Facebook Should Buy Twitter, says futurist journalist who previously told journalists that journalism is terrible and has no future.
The Four:
* May Day.
* Mohonk. 
* Mayweather.
* Mistrial.


One video of Jedi Kittens:

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