Monday, May 18, 2015

Quick trip

Let's take a short, hopefully pleasant ride:

Vox is like Wikipedia, but not really. 
This commune didn't quite work "in history, legend and song!"
This is your excuse for not remembering names. 
Barack Obama is on Twitter, again, which should remind you that if you've been tweeting at @barackobama, you've been doing it wrong all along.
It's also gotten awkward already.

Go to your room, POTUSES.
The Four:
* Happy 100th birthday!
* New playground looks fun and packed. 
* Today I Learned: Scrabble was invented by a Poughkeepsie native named Butts. I am 12.
* That construction by the Ulster County Building, where people enjoy awesome visits to the DMV, is now a war memorial. 

One cat: And one bestie horse.

Yesterday's Internet, Today!  will not like to buy the world a coke and if you didn't get the reference, don't click this. Stop. STAHP!