Tuesday, May 19, 2015

It grows

Route 32 near Rosendale.

Nature likes to take over when things are left unattended. That can be both beautiful and terrifying, and how we see it is a reflection of who we are, in the ever growing and disruptive nature of life.

The nature of things that are not real:
Are you upset that the 'Game of Thrones' series is getting more and more different than the books? Author George R. R. Martin will like to remind you that it's all fictional characters.
Are people still talking about the Made Men finale? Yes, even people who've never watch it.
That's right. You can't escape TV even if you don't watch it. And it grows like a weed. It's a game of mad men.

The Four:
* Grilled pizza, on wheels.
* The Kingston sinkhole is now elegible for FEMA aid, which actually means aid is not guaranteed. Let that sink in.
* [Insert your own pot joke].
* Here's a primer on the school elections you didn't' know were happening today.

One cat: The Game.

Yesterday's Internet, Today! is not a game.