Friday, May 15, 2015

Monsters among us

The Broadway Lights diner in Kingston is home of the Alex Burger, a two-pound monster ("The beast of all beasts," according to the menu) that will earn you a T-shirt if you finish it. Every now and then you'll see someone post a photo of it on Facebook, and the burger is sometimes bigger than the happy faces posting the photos.
Sy Hersh is the Lewis Black of journalism, meaning HE'S ANGRY. Good for him.
SUNY New Paltz journo prof and table jumper (you had to be there) Rob Miraldi literally wrote the book on Hersh and is probably happy about the recent publicity/controversy Hersh has dusted up and is probably jumping on tables. Good jorb, Rob!
Somehow I missed this Awl piece on how Facebook is going to eat us alive while we watch. As always, +1 for that gif.

How to throw shade, you monster.

The Four:

* This story of the late B.B. King in Kingston is magic. 
* ADORBS! (Factoid! Rob Miraldi's son, Rob Miraldi, the office manager of the UCSPCA, is a Freeman alumn. Yes, we live in a small town.)
* Woman and dog rescued in Platte Clove. 
* Old maps.
One cat: A monster

Yesterday's Internet, Today! is not afraid of monsters.