Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Not horsing around

A horse by a back road in Accord last year.
Let's start with this while you read. 

Today is Earth Day. I could try to write something profound and thoughtful, but I don't need to.
Here's Hudson Valley resident and something something Mark Ruffalo saying something something about that. 
Anyway, let's enjoy the air and be nice.

Also, if you're reading this on Thursday: Today is not Earth Day.


Signs of nature: Apparently, there's a wily coyote in Manhattan.

These rainbows put all your rainbows to shame:

What does it mean?

Signs of ~content~:

Wednesday is #dfmchat day and we talked about what social media and journalism can teach each other. It was nice! The lesson? Felix Salmon likes to troll young journalists.

Online quizzes are terrible. But my quizzes are nice? Also, don't tell anyone about that page because I'm still working on it. SHHHHHH!

Obligatory biking back from work via Google Glass video is obligatory.

The Four:
* The Kinderland II is starting to take shape. 
* Kingston lawmakers say the city can no longer subsidize the Firemen's Museum and I had no idea the Firemen's Museum was subsidized and I bet you didn't either.
* Important man plants trees.
* There's a new campground in the 'Gunks, the historic area where Robert De Niro fought the locals, though I don't think there's a marker about that.


One cat: Horsing around.

Yesterday's Internet, Today! doesn't horse around with its subscribers and gives them something extra every now and then.