Thursday, April 23, 2015

Let it go

North Front Street in Kingston this morning. It was kind of cold-ish.
It's getting cold in the Hudson Valley and the Catskills and it's terrible, mostly because I'm not wearing enough layers. I'm a baby when it comes to minor inconveniences even though I know better, but I won't let it go.
We all know better, but we still do things we don't like, sometimes because of who we are, and sometimes because of things outside of our control.


John Robinson opens up about a terrible time when he had to let journalists go.  :'(

Here's the most terrible app available right now.  It was nice knowing you.  Also, I hope you know Chinese.
Here's the most terrible Florida Man right now. 
Here, go find your doppelganger.  Let's hope she or he is not in Florida.

The Four:

* Levon Helm was the man. 
* PCBs won't let go.
"This is like Meals on Wheels on steroids."
* Here's how to make the Ulster County District Attorney dance.

One cat?

Yesterday's Internet, Today! won't let it go until you subscribe for freesies and get your extra ~content~.