Monday, April 27, 2015

Don't worry. Be Woodstock

Woodstock, being Woodstock. Finger at bottom right is mine because I can't take photos.
The town of Woodstock is the star of its own show, and people come from all over to watch it every weekend. Some episodes feel like re-runs, but it's always nice to tune it and get lost in the magic every now and then. You be you, Woodstock.


Not Woodstock:
The White House Correspondent's Association Dinner happened and it's a horrible affair but here's Obama not really joking about things and not really being angry or controversial.  Also, news died.
You can watch the whole thing here, or you can see this snake coming out from inside another snake. Your call.

The guy who invented the emoticon :) doesn't like emoji 💩.
 In conclusion:
Everybody gets an F. 

The Four:
* "Happyish," the Showtime comedy starring Steve Coogan, premiered on Sunday and you can watch the first episode for free. It was partially shot in Woodstock and I spotted The Green (pictured above), Taco Juan's and the 'Welcome to Woodstock' sing on 375 and 212. The protagonist is supposed to commute to NYC, but astute Hudson Valley people will notice he's not taking the train from Poughkeppesie, which can't catch a break?
* Here's some people dancing.
* Garb talk in New Paltz.
* The Kinderland playground is almost done.

One cat: With hat?

Yesterday's Internet, Today! doesn't put hats on cats. But it gives subscribers extra thingies, for freesies.