Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Frame of mind

Rock City Road in Woodstock. 
There is a conspicuous frame surrounding a conspicuous bench on Rock City Road in Woodstock near the green.
If you were to be near it, would you sit on it and take a photo? How many people do you think have done that? Is that the point of the piece (which also ends up advertising the Woodstock Chamber)?

Those are the kinds of things one could be thinking while in the bathroom, which is the white building at left, out of frame and ever, conspicuously present.

For the record: I didn't sit on the bench or took a selfie (I'm terrible at selfies) so you could say I'm a First World Anarchist.


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The Four:
* The Kinderland II playground is open. Let's play.
* Scenic Hudson is buying all the things.
* Wild things.
* Finally.
One cat: First World Anarchist.

Yesterday's Internet, Today! doesn't take selfies.