Monday, March 2, 2015

The winds of winternet

Clinton Avenue, about to turn into North Front St. in Uptown Kingson.
The internet, much like this morning's snowdust blowing in the Hudson Valley wind, can be capriciously inexplicable as it swirls and waves about, aiming endlessly to distract you from whatever you're doing.
And it can also just coldly hit you in the face, or so I was thinking as I was walking to work. But that's neither here nor on those sidewalks that were not cleaned. You know who you are.

Anyway, these longreads hit me in the face over the weekend:  A New York Times/Marshall Project story about the current state of the Attica prison and this Vanity Fair  attempt at deciphering Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea.
This one is a take on a longread, and this is the conclusion:  The Atlantic says the Atlantic is wrong.

Let's move on, the wind demands it.

The Four: 
* WAMC's Alan Chartok is allanchartoking when he's not WAMC-ing or fundraising or all of them at the same time.
*  The Hudson Project: Gone with the wind.
* I don't know what a 'medical village' is but that's the plan for Kingston Hospital now. These plans change like the [metaphor I was about to hammer in your head again].
* The Caring Hands  soup kitchen in Midtown Kingston that’s been closed because of a frozen water line has received about $7,000 in a crowdfunding effort. The wind can blow that way too. (Update: The water's back).
And that's hope for humanity, so let's leave it at that.

One cat: Dr. Seuss, man of secret arts and 'lots and lots of cats' 

Yesterday's Internet, Today! starts with a Google Glass photo and perhaps a story behind it and then it blows all over the place, while it gives you the links I found interesting the day before or in the morning or over the weekend, because Mondays. You also get four stories trending (that are not depressing) from the Freeman while I was writing this this. AND! You also get a cat.