Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Lessons from the permanent nature of fleeting thoughts

The Old Dutch Church in Uptown Kingston.
I never get tired of taking photos of the Old Dutch Church in Uptown Kingston. It always has a new story to tell. It's a majestic fixture and symbol of the city, and that's not because the steeple is full of bird droppings, but because the church endures and evolves as it maintains its authoritative presence.  It houses the remains of New York's State's first governor, the funkadelic George Clinton. It's been thanked by one other George, last name Washington; and it's also said to house another politician (or is it a hobgoblin? I get those confused). It's many other things, of course, but I cannot tell its tales and do it justice.
So I just take a photo every time I get the chance.

But not even fixtures are permanent. That's one lesson an 8-year-old boy got when a newspaper changed his favorite comics. He did not take it well.

Another lesson: Do not take things literally.

Tumblr shares some stats about The Thing That Shall Not Be Named and there are no lessons there but the gif is glorious.

As you know from that episode, not everything is what it seems like:

... which is the cutest things until you realize the weasel was trying to eat the woodpecker, because nature.

The Four: 
* That fire training tower plan in Saugerties, in plans for four years, is still in its planning stage.
* There will be snow.  And if you're reading this on Wednesday, you're doing it wrong.
* Surely, one day, the Catskill Mountain Railroad Commenters will run out of things to post. Today is not one of those days. They are perched on two letters, actually, like a weasel on a flying woodpecker.
* Today's Water Main Break is brought to you by Winter.

One cat:

Yesterday's Internet, Today! starts with a Google Glass photo and perhaps a story behind it. Then it gives you the links I found interesting the day before or in the morning. You also get four stories trending (that are not depressing) from the Freeman while I was writing this this and you also get a cat.