Friday, March 6, 2015

Sprint into spring

Tulips painted on the snow at the corner of Albany Ave and Col. Chandler Drive in Kingston.
There are some tulips painted on the hardened snow near where the city of Kingston plants tulips during spring. They are waiting to melt down, to make room for the real ones. And as we spring forward and try to find ways to make spring happen, it will come when it's ready, because we can't really force these things. And that's fine.

The winners of the gifys are here and that's all the internet you really need. Go outside this weekend, see if you can make spring happen.

The Four:
* The comments are closed on this letter about the Catskill Mountain Railroad, but the commenters are there, unable to comment. . Go outside, guys.
* The state of New York is now the proud owner of half an acre east of the Walkway Over The Hudson, on the Poughkeepsie side, to expand walkwayoverthehudsonness. Can't wait to go, when it's warmer.
* People don't like their electric bills.
* The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park has a pop-up restaurant.   If you live in the Hudson Valley, you'd just say 'the CIA,' but readers of this space come from other places sometimes (please explain this, thanks), so I'm spelling it out, otherwise that sentence would sound pretty weird.

One cat: This cat is winter and that kid is how I feel.

Yesterday's Internet, Today! is super short. Is spring here yet?