Thursday, March 5, 2015

I'm changing this headline to see if you click on it

The Mid-Hudson Medical Group building on U.S. Route 9W in the town of Ulster, as seen from the Adams Fairacre Farms Parking lot. 

If you haven't been in town for a while, the Mid-Hudson Medical Group building on Route 9W in Lake Katrine will not look familiar to you. It just opened in July. I remember that date because right after it opened, a man was arrested for recording pictures and video with a camera-equipped drone near the place. That is the kind of sentence you don't think you would ever write. But what do I know? I just took that opening photo with a computer-ish semi-augmented reality glass device that was hanging from my face.
The future is now, but the drone case is still pending. 

That story went viral and was even picked up the Daily Mail, and the British tabloid wasted no effort into making the Lake Katrine man look like the creepiest creep that's ever creeped.
But do you know what's really creepy? The Daily Mail, as revealed in this exposé that surprised no one, because we're talking about the Daily Mail, c'mon now.

One more thing that's not surprising: Indian food is delicious, according to science (and mouths).
One more thing that's kind of creepy:

Editing matters to readers, according to this study.  Yesterday's Internet, Today! is not edited, but you should know that you matter to me. WAIT! DON'T GO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! 


News you didn't know you needed (because you don't): Find out how old you are. THANKS,  INTERNET.

The Four: 
* Two prominent restaurants in Kingston are changing ownership and people are all excited, because food.
* A team of experts will be hired  by the city of Kingston to plan a rail trail from Midtown to Kingston Point. You don't need a team of experts to know that if there's any story with the words 'rail trail' on it, the Catskill Mountain Railroad Commenters will be all over it.
* A group of parents and the Kingston schools superintended have banded together to protest the governor's education proposals. I was going to write something snarky about this, but I'm not messing around with an organized group of  people who have color-coded shirts. 
* No more elephants at Ringling Circus by 2018.  That's right. The Circus is still a thing.

One cat ... Island. Not creppy. Not creepy at all.

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