Monday, March 9, 2015

This thing

Uncle Willy doing his thing at last year's St. Patrick's Parade in Kingston.
Uncle Willy's (the place) will be having a party to mark the debut of Travel Channel's Hotel Amazon, a series where two Kingston residents build a lodge in the Peruvian jungle, which is crazy stuff if you ask me. But what do I know? I'm just a native of Peru.
Uncle Willy (the man) will surely return to this Sunday's Shamrock Run and St. Patrick's Parade in Kingston. It's a thing he does at these things.

The Hudson Project, still a thing?
This thing, I just can't.
I found these "radical grammar pedants on a mission to correctly punctuate Ecuador’s graffiti" on 
And this thing? Behind a paywall, because nobody's been writing that on the last four years. 
TV things:Is The Jinx up?
The only thing I cared about the Apple event was the Game of Thrones trailer. 

The Four things:
* This thing that won't go away.
* This beer festival.
* This guy running for mayor. 
* This church. 

One cat: There can be only one.

Yesterday's Internet, Today! is a thing.