Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Strange links in a strange land

The Ulster County Courthouse. I was trying to start a broadcast, and when I said 'OK, Glass, start broadcasting' it heard, 'OK Glass, start run,' hence the zombies. 
At night, when it snows and it's almost devoid of people, Kingston exudes a beautifully eerie fairy-land vibe that makes the mundane irresistible. And if you are lucky, sometimes you can see some strange characters walking around.

So say hi if you see me. I'm the one with the Google Glasses.
Some other strange characters:

Look at all these fake news sites cropping up in your Facebook timeline.

Strange parrot:

Strange photos:
Stock photos are better photos when they are still bland but have celebrities. A stunt, for sure, but a good one. Stock photos are terrible photos when they make no sense.  Cannot unsee.

Also cannot unsee: 50 Shades of Hutt.

The Four: 
* I always thought that trees with faucets were strange. But it's maple festival season so it really isn't. 
* The Caring Hands Midtown Kingston soup kitchen that had to close because of a frozen water pipe reopened on Tuesday. It received $15,000 in donations to address the problem.
* If you were a village and you had $1 million to spend, what would you do? That's Ellenville, in a nutshell.  Don't bet it all in a casino, if you know what I mean.
* The Catskill Mountain Railroad Commenters are strangely focused. 

One strange cat:

Yesterday's Internet, Today! is a strange newsletter that begins with a Google Glass photo and a strange story, sometimes. Then it gives you the links I found interesting the day before or in the morning. Plus, you also get four stories trending (that are not cops and robbers) from the Freeman while I was writing this this and you also get a cat.