Friday, February 6, 2015

You're totally going to believe what happened next

This week in 'This person did (x). What happened next was utterly predictable':

* This journalist did something everybody hates and (SPOILER!) everybody hated it. Friends don't let friends write in all caps.

Hoc est America. Disce lingua . Don't be lazy and use Google Translate. That's what I did.

* Internet headline writers hate what they do because what they do is write terrible headlines.

In conclusion:

The Four: 

* When I think of Bearsville and Woodstock, I generally think of the smell of incense and dudes with beards. I'm talking about Orthodox Christian monks, of course.
* Construction has begun at the former site of the Lace Mill Factory in Kingston. The photos from inside are pretty neat. 

One cat: If you're wondering why I've filed this late twice in two days is because I'm working from home and I'm having problems.

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One Google Glass photo: Do you know Frog Alley? Do you know its history?

Yesterday's Internet, Today! did not mention sharks today. I'm starting to believe nobody reads the tagline. SUBSCRIBE!