Thursday, February 5, 2015

Web currents and left sharks

Kingston Daily Freeman, Feb. 19, 1906.

I thought we were done with Left Shark, but here are some journalism lessons?

Here's Nick Bilton on the left-sharking of Google Glass.

Left Shark has jumped the, uh, nevermind. No worries. It will die soon. They always do. One way or another.

If you share this on Facebook. you must type (^^^). You'll see.

No sharks here:

I don't even know what to say about this.

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Yesterday's #dfmchat was about improving routine stories.  Some good ideas were exchanged, as always. Some dirty newspaper graphics were shared as well.

Everything old is new again, so it's time to print all your blogs.

Some Tumblrs:
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Ladies, this way.
News cat gifs. Yep! Still at it.

The Four:

* The town of Ulster woman who appeared in 'Wheel of Fortune' yesterday won big.  [Insert shark reference]
* Kingston officials say the terrible, terrible emergency notification robocalls are popular based not  on how many are thankful but how many people have actually bothered to opt out. I did a scientific survey of all the Peruvian-Born Life Editors With Long Hair Living in Kingston and found that not cancelling a very annoying service doesn't mean that the service is popular.
* 'Smart' electric meters need ~smarter~ PR.
* Every time there is a story or letter that mentions the Catskill Mountain Railroad, sharks on both sides come out in the comments. I've closed a few threads myself on those stories when I'm the moderator, at about 100 comments (The Freeman's comments are moderated because c'mon you guys, be nice). I'm thinking of a few ideas to constructively shape this dialogue. Maybe a pro-con it poll. Maybe a live chat. You guys seem to like them. Go to town in the comments here if you want. I don't moderate. But be nice. I do bite.

One cat: WHAT IS THIS?
One Google Glass photo: No sharks.

Yesterday's Internet, Today! will like to apologize for all the shark references. It won't happen again.