Monday, February 9, 2015

Snow and other flakes

The Grammys are officially something that can bring together the Democratic Ulster County Comptroller and the Ulster County Independence Party Chairman. Congratulations. United we snark.

Another thing that brings everyone together is being stuck at home or in traffic because of the snow.
That's right! It is #dfsnow-ing again, and we're collecting pictures!  Everything is pretty when it's like this.

But it feels like this:

So be careful. There are some dangerous exclamation marks out there.

The Four:

* Snow.
* Kosco no longer sells propane but will still deal with propane accessories.
* The Freeman's Pet Contest deadline is today. We've got a ton of entries so please stop.
* The Catskill Mountain Railroad debaters are currently hanging out on this letter. Hey! It's snowing out there. Gotta keep busy.

One cat:

One Google Glass photo: Opus 40 in Saugerties during a season I'm dreaming about.

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