Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Do not listen to the old man yelling 'THE END IS NIGH' (to young journalists)

"People who work in news should talk to people who don’t work in news." 

BUT NOT TODAY! Today we go deep into the land of Media Twitter and ... what do we find?
'Advice for young journalists,' that's what.
It goes like this: Give up all hope. But don't, really. Also,  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  But, seriously, it's about monsters, caskets and islands. And now you're old.  And now you're dead.
And that was just the last 24 hours so I'll spare you the other hot takes.
Good jorb, everyone.

Twitter Media person Jack Shafer says all the presidents' interviews are garb. Not true. They make for great gifs.

This is why we can't have nice things. This is why friends don't let friends go to Media Twitter. This is why all the Media Twitter hot takes should be put in a rocket and blasted into space.

Space: The final frontiemoticon. 


There were 443 submissions to the Freeman's Pet Contest and that's what I'm going to be doing on top of what I do and that's why I'm late with this post. THANK YOU. We've been doing the contest since I created the monster in 2005 and it can't be stopped. We'll have all the submissions up in a gallery soonish.

The Four:

* The Falling Waters Preserve in Saugerties is now fully in the hands of Scenic Hudson. It's gorgeous and if you've never been there, you're totally missing out.
* People don't want oil transported via pipeline.  Or train. Or barge. Because of the environment! And by environment, I mean NIMBY, of course.
* Short on salt; shorter on snow days.
*  "Lawyers contend drunk driving checkpoints violate drivers’ rights" and cops are saying "WAT WAT WAT NONONONONOlicense and registration, please." (I'm paraphrasing). This will end well.

One cat:

One Google Glass photo: Falling Waters Preserve.

I told you it's awesome.

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