Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Post-pet photo contest:


About 20 percent of photos considered for prizes for the World Press Photo competition were disqualified for excessive "post-processing."

I don't know why. They're just as real as anything else. Look, I post-processed this video:

See? Everything's normal.
Because, as you know, everything is fake.

Which is why I know you're wondering what lessons can fake pumpkin spice condoms teach journalism. Yes, you can read that sentence again. I mean, we've all wondered about that at least once, right?


The New York Times is publishing some articles in Spanish as an experiment and I'll be OK with that as long as the Gray Lady stays away from translating stuff from the Trolling Styles Section. No monocles, por favor.


Did you know that now you can upload videos to Twitter directly from your phone? We talked about that and other things today during #dfmchat. It was fun and this thing below is somehow related?

The four:

* Post-water.
* Post-bridge.
* Post-fuel.
* Post-styrofoam.

One cat:

One Google Glass photo: You might have recognized North Front Street in Kingston below from a recent video you would have seen if you had actually clicked on the dinosaur above. Why didn't you click on the dinosaur?

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