Thursday, February 19, 2015

This does not explain anything

These maps explain nothing.
Norm MacDonald explains everything. 
The Times Herald Record's Barry Lewis explains how he was the first to discover that Lady Gaga got engaged (saved you a click: He saw her showing off the ring on Saturday).
Pro-Publica explains journalism to the Red Cross. 

The four:

* Woodstock likes solar panels. This needs no explanation.
* Coast Guard explains how it rescued a boat in the Hudson River.
* There's no way to explain the Perennial Catskill Mountain Railroad Debaters. They're here now. 
* Here's an explainer on measles vaccinations rates in Mid-Hudson Valley schools.

One cat: Inexplicable

One Google Glass photo: Explains why I don't like walking in winter that much.

Yesterday's Internet, Today! explains to you the links I found interesting the day before or in the morning. Kind of. Not really. You also receive the four stories trending at the Freeman while I was making this and a cat and a Google Glass photo. Yes, that cannot be explained.  Subscribers get this first. My mom is not a subscriber. Explain that.