Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Bring in the garb cans


Not literally:

* Esquire's John Hendrickson paid to have a fake girlfriend. But I found out she's been fake cheating on him this whole time.   Fictitious fake people shouldn't exist.

Research shows people believe question headlines before applying the question mark? Fake news sites shouldn't exist.

* Fake newsman should exist. But he will leave. 

The Four: 

* "We are getting the life sucked out of us," says the Saugerties schools superintendent without hyperbole because the governor is a vampire?
* This person will be making an announcement about making an announcement. I also have an announcement.  
* ... and you're not going to win.

One cat: Fat cat art never gets old. NEVAH!

One Google Glass photo: Billy Costello, the champ. Here's the story behind the statue. Behind him is a Steve Heller's sculpture. Here's the story behind Steve Heller.

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