Tuesday, January 27, 2015

No day but today. But today kind of sucks

Today I'll be brief because life has gotten in the way of the Life Department business. How dare you,  life? I've got Life to do.
No loss, though, because today has been canceled, even though it didn't really need to be?
I hope you have plans for all the vegetables and milk you bought.
So I'm calling it. We don't know how to winter (I'm also turning 'winter' into a verb).
Also today, New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver hasn't been canceled, even though he needs to be?
Today is weird. Time to criticize your mayor.
The town supervisor of Wawarsing wants to use a maximum security jail's unused building to grow pot. There's a lot more nuance to that but I'm going to leave that there. *Insert pot joke*
On Feb. 5, 1907, the Kingston Freeman reported that an unnamed president of the United States went out in a blizzard. *Insert pot joke*

One cat: Hope you're enjoying the snow.

One Google Glass photo: Spooky house or City Hall?

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