Monday, January 12, 2015

New York Times compares area to Brooklyn, Part ILostCount

Remember that time(s) when the New York Times compared some area in the Hudson Valley or The Catskills or anywhere else anywhere to Brooklyn even though c'mon srsly again? It got so bad the Gray Lady's standards editor told his peeps to cut it out.

But that was waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in November of 2014, so long ago it's already been forgotten obvs idk lol?

So in the latest installment of "OMG THIS PLACE IS LIKE BROOKLYN YOU GUYS!" the venerable publication compared the town of Phoenicia to Williamsburg North, which prompted this most hipster reply from the Watershed Post good jorb. At least the interactive feature was very nice.

But let's not be unfair to the Times. This is standard modus operandi for a bunch of publications— online and in print travel sites, Escape Brooklyn, shameless marketing listicles that I refuse to link to because they're terrible, Sari stahp, Hudson Valley Mag you too don't think I didn't notice.

I did a huge list of this four years ago and I'm still updating the abomination. It's as terrible as hipsters.

Or hipster quizzes. But seriously, "when I grow I I want to write about hipsters" is not what I was thinking when I went into journalism.

So when The New York Times asks, "what did we missed in the Catskills?" I. CAN'T. EVEN.

At least the Times is not this guy. Or this guy.

One artisanal cat: Felix Salmon is not a cat or a fish but a noted financial journalist I noticed he noticed that in Ulster County, pedestrians get tickets when they're hit by cars. Take that, Brooklyn.

One reclaimed Google Glass photo:

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