Friday, January 9, 2015

Some context, kind of

On Charlie:

* Big news organization's meeting:
Editor: "Hey! Who are we going to get to do with the 'opposing view' column about the attacks? Not everything is in the middle, you kn..."
Editor 2: " I FOUND ONE! "
* Actually thoughtful: I don't agree with everything here, but the last two lines are it.
* Online News Organization: "There’s no backing down. There’s only moving forward, doing our jobs, making your voices heard." Your voices. Well put.
* We made a small gesture.

Moving on...

There are a million reason why editors shouldn't put jokes when doing news pages that they intend to take out later. Here's another one.

Here's a teen schooling the olds on their conceptions about teens on social media. If you didn't understand that sentence, you're an old. I might have written that last sentence before. I'm an old, too.
Facebook wants videos uploaded to Facebook, because Facebook.
Facing moose.

One 'Shining' cat.
One shiny Google Glass photo:


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