Friday, January 2, 2015

Freaky Friday

Today's is all weird because of the holidays and it kind of feels like this:

Not really, but whatevs.
My most popular post of 2014 was a listicle that made it to Romenesko. If none of this makes any sense, it probably means you're not a journalist.
Oddly, my most popular post of 2014 that was not from 2014 was a 2012 tutorial on how to make Pinterest slideshows because I guess that's what people want to do.  #ohwell.

Mario Cuomo was, "A man of contradictions who enjoyed Socratic arguments with himself." That's a beautiful line for any obit. Mine will probably be, "Ivan Lajara liked to brag that he made it to Romenesko."  #ohwell.

Before I forget. Happy New Year!
Here's some obligatory Hudson Valley stories: Uptown Kingston parties hard. Area seniors party harder. First baby!

Here's the last part of the Jay from Serial interview. Conclusion: reddit can be a scary place.
But it also can be fun. And, yes, weird. Very weird. Don't be weird.

Downton Abbey returns to US shores on Sunday so this is as good time as any to drop this weird thing.  

One cat:

One Google Glass photo:

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