Wednesday, December 31, 2014

There's actually a bit of news in this post

2015 is approaching so my resolution is to be less snarkHAHAHAnevermind.

The police in Lowell, Massachusetts, would like you to know that you should not be trying to capture the escaped goat because that's Massachusetts for you. I expect a micro-brew out of this in two weeks.

As you might remember, we have our own history with goats (of the red kind) in Kingston.  That's the kind of thing that will make the New York Times notice. All the goats that's fit to print.

Now that I've lost all your attention, here's some news: Gary Chetkof, founder of the Mountain Jam festival, took to social media and went online to post a message to address "overzealous security searches that have taken place in previous years and I realize that we have let you down." He also seemingly types while getting photos taken. The Black Keys are headlining this year's festival in Hunter and judging from their press photo they also look concerned. Drugs are bad, mkay?

At least it's not like Britain, which is full of monsters. And that is to say, full of horrible people who write stories for the Daily Star. Drugs are bad, mkay?

Jay from 'Serial' part II is out. So it's that terrible Photoshop job in that Intercept story. I like Photoshop, and that's why I keep a piece of bacon on my desktop.

Important journalists @ajchavar, @missmagner, and @yurivictor hosted a gif exchange and this is what I've got from Louije:

Here are 24 tools to try in 2015 if you are a journalist of simply if you are into C O N T E N T. I tried Plague. It's fun and I'm wondering of its journalism applications. If you use it, however, you should lower your expectations. At left is what's on Plague's site. At right, my first post.

One cat AND Google Glass photo:

Yesterday's Internet, Today! is a random experiment in which I throw in a bunch of links I tweeted, faved or saw the day before or in the morning or maybe stuff from Facebook? I also post a cat and a Google Glass photo.

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