Friday, September 7, 2012

How to live stream a Google Hangout

Do you want to live stream your Google+ Hangout?

Google now lets all hangouts be streamed live, so you don’t need a Livestream, Ustream or Manycam workaround anymore (which was a royal pain).

All you need is a Google+ account and a Youtube channel:

1. Start a Hangout and click Enable Hangout on Air when the Hangout window pops up. Add the people you want in. You can’t make an On Air-anything-goes hangout, you have to invite your followers, preferably just a selected few.

2. Hit OK, I’ve got it’ and start your hangout. It will still be off Youtube (If you’re not connected to Youtube, it will ask you to do so)

3.1 Grab the embed code. It’s your regular iframe code. Post on your site OR YOUR SCRIBBLELIVE BLOG. Only those participating in the Hangout can see what’s going on. Everyone else sees this
3.2 Once you’re ready, hit broadcast. When you stop it takes almost no time for the replay  hangout to appear on your Youtube channel. Then you can post that or download and put in your own container.

And yes, I eat my pencils.

Edit note: This post was edited to change "livestream" and any similar term, to "live streams," to avoid confusion with the live streaming service (see comments below).