Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How to make a slideshow with Pinterest and Instagram images with Storify

There have been a number of updates to all these services since this post was written. The Pinterest url trick doesn't work in Storify; and Storify is no longer supported in ifttt. But fear not! There is another way that's just as quick. - Dec. 31, 2015.

Original post follows:

This is something I've been asked here and there, and I've been tinkering and I think I've found a solution.

Ideally, Pinterest would/could offer the possibility of displaying a board or a search term in slideshow format, but there is no such function (yet? guys?)

So here's a nifty way of turning anything you find in Pinterest into a slideshow, using Storify.

For metaness, Let's say you have a board with a whole bunch of Instagrams (I do) and you want to display the photos as a slideshow.

1. Visit your board (or Pinterest search term).

2. Use the Storify bookmarklet and add each image to your Storypad.

 3.Log in to Storify and check out your Storypad! You can add all of it with "add them all" (this will add everything on your Storypad, so you might have to erase some things).

4. Move the images in the order that you want (this also helps because you can't do that with pins in Pinterest) and hit publish.

5. The best part: Get the embed code in slideshow form.


Storify has an Instagram function, but it doesn't allow you (yet? guys?) to search for users. And you can't do slideshows with Instagram, so this doubles up as a tutorial for making a slideshow for your Instagrams.
NOTE: The links go to Pinterest, you'll have to click again to go to the link where the pin came from. But, regardless, if you want to change the order and make a slideshow of your pins, this is what I would do, until the Pinterest and Storify and Instagram guys figure it out.
Another note: You probably know this, but it's worth repeating. Adding '/slideshow' to any storify will make a slideshow of your post. The last slide is the embed code. Here's the FULLSCREENSIES!