Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bruce Springsteen pays tribute to Levon Helm reports that Bruce Springsteen played 'The Weight' in honor of Levon Helm at a concert in Newark  on Wednesday.

"Bruce saw a fan with a sign asking for something to be played for Levon and he and the E Street Band performed an absolutely stunning version of "The Weight" that had the entire soldout crowd singing along."
There's more:

Before the song, Bruce said Levon was "one of the greatest voices in country rockabilly and rock and roll. Just staggering while playing the drums! When I auditioned Max I actually made him sing..
"But Levin (yes he called him Levin) both his voice and his drumming was so incredibly personal, it had a feeling on the drums, comes out of a certain place in the past,  can't replicate it"
Check out Stan Goldstein's review of the concert and check out the photo of the boss with the Levon sign.

Update: Now there's video: