Friday, May 4, 2012

Community Media Lab 2.0

At the Daily Freeman, we are excited and eager to be part of the expansion of Digital First Media's Community Media Lab initiative.
Our community encompasses a vast geographical area which showcases different and peculiar needs. We intend to continue our efforts to become the hub for information, discussion and engagement for the communities we serve.
To that end, we’ve assessed the community needs and those of our newsroom in crafting our Community Media Lab plans for 2012.
These include:
·         Soft opening of a small-scale Community Media Lab in the Freeman's conference room on selected dates, to feature public availability of computers and wifi, with public tutorials to accommodate access to microfilm and archives elsewhere in the building. We believe that with a little creativity and adjustment, we can begin to provide these services to continue fostering our relationship with the community.
·           Continued recruitment of local blogger network and subsequent regular informal and informational meet-ups at an outside location.
·          The development of classes geared toward better communication between community, government and police agencies and the Freeman..
·         Expansion of livestreaming sessions and political debates with live public questions and with physical public participation at an outside location. These sessions are also scheduled to include a post debate discussion with the community, as to further the Citizens Agenda project as well.

·         Establishment of an occasional ‘mobile bureau,’ where once a month, a reporter sets up ‘camp’ at different locations to gather story ideas, get community tips and feedback and develop sources.
·         Resume newsroom tours.
·         Continued use of the (small) conference room for events, and the implementation of livestreamed newsroom discussions and training sessions. 

What else do you think we should do?