Tuesday, December 14, 2010

SOUND OFF: Tuesday, Dec. 14, 2010

Today's sound off is brought to you by happy feelings:

Viking1946 wrote on "EDITORIAL: Dutchess darkness"
" Your biased hypocracy is impressive. When will you comment on the gerimanderd district of maurice Hinchey that starts in Woodstock, dips down to pick up SUNY New Paltz, then scoots across the mountains to get SUNY Binghamton, then turns north to get the colleges in the ithica area.

That dilutes the votes of every resident that is your readership with transient students and the known liberal people that make up college environments. "

ulsterhome wrote on "Sex with Hyde Park teen lands man in prison for 12 years"

" What in god's name is WRONG WITH PEOPLE?

We need to re-evaluate 'sex offenders' and NOT EVER RELEASE THEM BACK INTO SOCIETY. The Orange County murder by the un-registered sex offender, the missing girl in VA, this case...We need to get Islamic on these perverts and either 'cut it off' upon prosecution or lock them up on pervert island where they can just clobber each other until none are left. This is disgusting and the problem is worse than ever. "
kingstonian wrote on "Sottile signs 2011 budget into law"
" Once again the Mayor and his band of idiots has failed us. They could find no where to make cuts to get the tax rate to zero like the County did? So every department is running at top efficency and there is no waste anywhere? Hard to believe. "