Wednesday, December 15, 2010

SOUND OFF: Wednesday, Dec. 15, 2010

Today's Sound-off features the $31,000 question, a revolution IN ALL CAPS and candy, man!

19uchvny wrote on "Ulster County trash agency boss getting $31,500 raise"
"I don't even make $31,500 in a year "
ulsterhome wrote on "White House seeks drilling OK before hydrofracking study is complete"
" IF THIS IS TRUE...then its time for the people to take the streets - REVOLUTION. DO NOT ALLOW HYDROFRACKING IN THIS REGION WE WILL DO WHATEVER - WHATEVER - WHATEVER IT TAKE TO STOP IT. YOU destroy our land, our property, our values and you will not believe how hard we fight to protect it. HInchey - You and Obama Administration Are Now Officially On Notice! "
AMORRIS wrote on "The candy man can: Michael’s Candy Corner in Kingston makes 3,000 candy canes daily during the Christmas season"
" Great Story for the Holiday. Great work in keeping a tradition alive[ local town business men are a rare sight to see] "