Monday, December 13, 2010

SOUND OFF: Monday, Dec. 13, 2010

Today's Sound Off, a selection of Daily Freeman comments, is about UFOs, criminals and a guy named "Barrack":

hurleyguy wrote on Area "UFO support group offers place to share questions, experiences"
" Anyone who questions the veracity of this article, who doubts that extraterrestrials walk among us, and that past abductees eschew meat, has merely to visit Woodstock on a Sunday afternoon. Besides, the interviewee has a Doctorate of Metaphysics. You can't get much more authoritative than that! "

geezer wrote on "Four arrested in Woodstock home invasion case"
"These crimes are being committed by locals...I moved here to escape this crap...time to lock doors and keep the old 12 gauge handy...very upsetting!"

Viking1946 wrote on "Federal judge in Virginia strikes down health care law"

"Great news, thankfully it was not heard by the 9th circuit court in San Franscisco. Take that Barrack, the Constitution still has meaning for today."