Saturday, October 16, 2010

Why is a 2008 story still one of the most popular today again?

As I wrote before, because you're clicking on it.

But "Anonymous" begs to differ.

In a libelous post I had to erase because of, you know, it was full of libel and all, a poster wrote:

If you are Going to write a Blog about Life You should Know something about it first ......

Particularly if you are going to do so in a Public Forum like a Media, such as the Daily Freeman. The reason this Story was given such attention has NOTHING to do with the reasons you surmised. Nobody stumbled across it Online.

If you are able to discern you will learn that these were direct hits not ones that were picked up off your most popular place. So Y'all over there at the Freeman might as well open up Your Most Popular counter again cause It's NOT gonna stop.

Then comes the libelous part. (This blog is open, so you can post whatever you want. But once I notice something is afoul, I have to take action, hence the deletion). The writer says the initial clicks came because the case in question is due in court soon.

...That is why it has received attention NOT Randomly, as you have assumed.
... But you did have one thing right it was posted on Facebook because Facebook is a Nationwide [acually World wide] Community where people can come together and Help one another in a Variety of ways, .....

Although the writer might be correct as to the reasons for the initial post, he or she (or it?) is incorrect about the rest.

We know people are clicking on the item because we can see when people click on links. (Yes, we can see you, stop picking at your nose)

Let me show you today's Most Clicked tab, how I see it:

The color code shows us what's 'hot' and it tells us exactly how many hits we are getting.

With our metrics engine, we can also tell where they come from. There are, as of Saturday morning, 339 entries through Facebook. The more than 2,000 other clicks in the last days came from the "Most Popular" tab. One thing is true: metrics numbers don't tell us why people originally clicked on the story.

P.S. As I said before, feel free to post whatever you want in this forum. But, if you want your comment to stay, you can't libel people. Something about innocent until proven guilty and all that.