Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rhinebeck, the Live-tweet session

I'm going to be live-tweeting and tweet-pic-ing from #Rhinebeck to show off the bucolic, quaint, antique (insert other cliche here) town - Waiting for something at the #Delamter Inn in #Rhinebeck. Hope is not The Renegades' Rascal - Inside Edition announcing that Ted Danson was staying at the Delamanter... After missing him

Korrcshun. It was the Insider

@thecanarycrayon And talking to people, but Ted Danson would not say what he bought for Chelsea, residents say in reply to thecanarycrayon

Vera Wang just came out of Gigis in Rhinebeck and after getting mugged be media went back in - Lobbying against hydrofracking!!(?) in #Rhinebeck

Vera Wang getting mobbed by media in Rhinebeck, the video

RT @oblongirl: Madeline Albright was just outside the bookstore. Ate at Gigi, then whisked into a town car. #Rhinebeck - Oblong books in #Rhinebeck has best wishes ... and books!

Former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright in #Rhinebeck, video - Trying to take an unflattering pic of the Extra reporter. Did it work? - Doggie plays Chelsea in Rhinebeck. Compliment? Insult? - A normal day in Rhinebeck... People putting bridal makeup on. Riiiiiiiight - There is actually a road underneath all this. But the wedding party might want to run everyone over

Get ready Kingston! Tons of media heading over to the other side of the river to get pics of fireworks - Coxsackie Transports' 15 minutes in Rhinebeck There needs to be more media in Rhinebeck, right?

RT @tomhoffay: Glad to see today's front page of the Daily Freeman made the Huffington Post slide show! - Sheeple in #Rhinebeck

@DailyFreeman on the #HuffingtonPost. META! - This corner needs 3 officers because there is an attractive TV lady reporter behind them - Two Corvettes and a Jaguar back to back, because that's what you see in #Rhinebeck the time.

All the time - This is what happens when you leave bread crumbs on the floor in #Rhinebeck - This is the only Oprah you'll see in #Rhinebeck - Just married sticker on back of limo.

That's all folks. Hope to see #Rhinebeck back to normal soon

RT @tomhoffay: @ivanlajara do you realize, do they realize Kingston has a scheduled fireworks display at dusk at the Point?

RT @DailyFreeman: Done deal: #Chelsea Clinton, #MarcMezvinsky tie the knot

Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky at their wedding Saturday evening in Rhinebeck --

And the wedding pics are in! -

RT @tcmassie: Guess you have to be a "yokel" to know. @HuffingtonPost confuses @HVRenegades Rascal for mice: