Monday, May 17, 2010

Once upon a blog

Blog posts from around the mid-Hudson Valley, courtesy of

* Ulster County Legislator Michael Madsen is not in Ulster County.

* Ulster County Legislator Mike Sweeney has another post that can be summarized in one word: "No."

* The Kingston Neighborhood Watch has a Korrecshun.

* Rebecca Martin at talks about a "City Gardens Coalition" or "Coalición Ciudad Jardín Conjunto," which actually translates to Coalition of the Garden City Band. But "A" for esfuerzo (If you need to know, that's "A," in Spanish).

* Bistro-to-Go has something to say about dead chickens.

* If, for whatever reason, the idea of a large number of dead chickens doesn't make you hungry, you can try Rhubarb Ginger Oat Squares, courtesy of At the Farmer's Market.

* 90MilesNorth is not interested in your list of cool web sites.

* Over at SUNY New Paltz, nostalgia, good-byes and emoticons, :P Also, why study if you can go to Paris? or Wales?