Friday, February 19, 2010

Play 'em off, 'mavens'!

Just as it was announced recently, social media "mavens" from the Hudson Valley came out of their basements today to meet one another and to chat about social media and basement decor. Many saw the faces of people they have been following on Twitter for the first time. It was pretty creepy. So everybody panicked and ran back to their basements. Good times.

As you can see from the video below, keyboard cat provided entertainment. The mavens know what that means (they also know they can't watch the video on their phones, so put it down).

Most are on Twitter. Some of their handles are:

@RicDragon, @McIntyreKJ, @jmcopenmic , @AmeriBag , @FauxClaud , @designicu, @sleepjunky, @UlsterMadness, @Loehmanns (?), @beahive , @bluehwyflaneur, @theasphere, @sDialogue, @Etela:, @digsart, @jenwdragon, @b2engt , @kpsourcerqueen, @tomhoffay (not a real Twitter account, Tom!), @ivanlajara (yours truly) and many others.

Who did I miss?

UPDATE: @Ingwaem, @uccomptroller and @mediaman1. I know there were more.

Also, I'm told by @jenwdragon that spaguetti cat
catered the event.