Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Et tu, Twitter?

Those of you who had to suffer through "Twitted twits all in a twit about Twitter" may have some questions.

* Did Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Leonard Pitts Jr. really wrote "squirrels on cocaine"?

You bet your tweaked-out squirrel he did! Here's the piece.

* Is "Twitted twits all in a twit about Twitter" an actual sentence?

It is. To twit (the verb) is to subject to light ridicule. A twit (the noun) is a fool. And "All in a twit" means either upset or frantic. Just don't try to read the headline fast.

I was trying to get the same effect as in Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo - an amusing, yet horribly constructed sentence that happens to be grammatically correct.

* Did U.S. Sen. John McCain and ABC's George Stephanopoulos really had an interview via Twitter on Tuesday?

Yes they did. Both discussed really, really important stuff during this groundbreaking interview - stuff like McCain's daughter's cred with conservative blondes and weather the senator prefers PCs or Blackberries, as reported in this story you won't bother to read. Most importantly, there's this masterpiece: