Saturday, February 28, 2009

Awesome pork

NOTE: The following post contains horrible misuses of the word "awesome."

Internet savvy and awesome Sen. John McCain used his awesome Twitter account to post an awesome list (with awesome comments) of the "TOP TEN PORKIEST PROJECTS" in Congress' awesome spending bill. It is awesome.

#1. $1.7 million for pig odor research in Iowa.

#2. $2 million “for the promotion of astronomy” in Hawaii - because nothing says new jobs for average Americans like investing in astronomy.

#3. $332,000 for the design and construction of a school sidewalk in Franklin, Texas - not enough $ for schools in the stimulus?.

#4. $2.1 million for the Center for Grape Genetics in New York - quick peel me a grape.

#5. $650,000 for beaver management in North Carolina and Mississippi

#6. $1 million for mormon cricket control in Utah - is that the species of cricket or a game played by the brits?

#7. $300,000 for the Montana World Trade Center - enough said.

#8. $200,000 "tattoo removal violence outreach program to could help gang members or others shed visible signs of their past" REALLY?

#9. $475,000 to build a parking garage in Provo City, Utah.

#10. $1.7M "for a honey bee factory" in Weslaco, TX.

The Arizona senator edited the original entry for beaver management. I wonder why.